Campaign Efficiency

We can assist a campaign to reach ethnic, racial, young and older voters not located in targeted areas.  This will allow campaigns to reach remote and rural areas without opening a local office or sending in an organizer.  Uncompetitive areas – which house enthusiastic but outnumbered volunteers – can be targeted without the need to open a local office.

We can offer campaigns and political organizations a web-based system for coordinating volunteers in voter outreach effort – door-to-door, phoning and letter writing.  It provides the means for:

  • Campaign aggressively in all neighborhoods and communities.
  • Attract new volunteers within your state and across the nation.
  • Significantly increase volunteers with no increase in staff or offices.

This system also enables a volunteer to get involved without traveling long distances or showing up at a campaign office.  They can get involved in voter outreach activities by going to a simple-to-use website.  It can easily include students, friends, ethnic and minority volunteers in other parts of the country or state who want to help out.

System assists a campaign to coordinate many more volunteers online than would be possible using a traditional organizational hierarchy.  Thus, it can coordinate more than 100,000 volunteers across a single statewide campaign.

It works hand-in-hand with a campaign’s traditional efforts, empowering existing party leaders and campaign managers to do more without significantly increasing budgets.  The existing volunteer base can be brought under the umbrella, or voters covered by the traditional campaign organization can be carved out of the network to prevent overlap of effort.

We can collect real-time feedback from outreach activities, enabling quicker and more accurate decision-making.  We maintain long-term history of interactions with voters and volunteers.  Thus, security controls allow the blocking of groups or individuals from the system and quickly identifies problem volunteers.

The system enables for very precise targeting of voters based on geography, voting history, ethnicity, gender, age, etc.  Any information available in the voter file can be used for targeting purposes.

Finally, the system can be customized to have multiple languages.