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Jissedy Diaz, Rutgers University-Newark

"First of all, let me say that this is a long overdue assignment of mine to comment and share the terrific work that Agustin Gus Garcia has been doing through his Latinization of America Lecture Series. I met Gus Garcia at a lecture held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2010, and I must say his lecture literally changed my way of thinking…. It is mind blowing how many of us Latinos don’t know our own language and history! I believe this is a huge problem. Trace A. DeMeyer said “You must know where you came from yesterday, know where you are today, to know where you’re going tomorrow.” – Creed saying. After listening to Gus Garcia’s lecture in 2010, the meaning of this quote became crystal clear to me. This man’s lecture inspired, motivated, and burdened me. I say burdened because once I learned more about my history and reminisced on my own family’s struggle as immigrants I realized that I was extremely blessed to have been awarded with many scholarships such as the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) – Rutgers Newark and become a first generation college student at the Rutgers Business School.

I think young people in general have a tendency to become preoccupied with academics, work, and social responsibilities and sometimes forget about our human and cultural responsibilities. We have a responsibility as Latinos to keep our culture alive in a society well known for being a melting pot. We have a responsibility to fight to become successful and give back to the communities we came from. Most importantly, we have a responsibility to work hard and achieve all the things that we have the privilege and opportunity to partake in. I literally had to fight my tears back during the lecture because I started thinking about all that my parents had to endure as immigrants in the United States of America and how their sacrifices are what have allowed me to be in such a blessed position today. The lecture reminded me that I’m not attending college and working just to make money in my future career, but that I’m doing all these things to honor my parents and my culture.

John F. Kennedy said “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” I want you reading this and everyone who has the opportunity to listen to this lecture to always remember that. All that we can achieve today and all that we have achieved in the past was not and will not be all our own doing. Many that came before us paved the way so that you and I have the opportunities we have today. Today you and I have the opportunity and obligation to pave the way for future generations. So with these words I leave you and hope you feel the calling just like I did after that lecture back in 2010."

Victoria, Arizona State University

"Agustin Garcia’s lecture is a beautiful gift to the Latino community in America. Passionate and rich in historical data, the lecture uplifts the confidence of those in the audience desiring validation of their Latino heritage in the United States and defends the many contributions of Latinos in building this country. It leaves you inspired, enriched and motivated to join Mr. Garcia in his quest to preserve the Latino culture and its history in the US that is constantly under attack. He does this by focusing on unity and teaching us how truly patriotic the Latino community is and has been. A must-see lecture by an amazing human rights activist and astute businessman, Mr. Garcia has forever affirmed in me an approach to extend my hand to Latinos of all ethnic backgrounds, mixes and nationalities in our community to build coalition, not compete. We all want the same thing: respect and rights. And this lecture instructs us to work together for that common goal."

Olivia Ponce, Oregon State University - 2014

"In May 2014 Gus Garcia spoke for his “Latinization of America” tour. Not only did he inspire … me and other individuals, but he challenged his audience to think and build unity both with other Latinos and also within the larger community. I encourage your group/organization/movement to consider the Latinization of America series by Agustin “Gus” Garcia. Gus Garcia is a wealth of knowledge and is highly credible (visit Garcorp website www.garcorpinternational.com). His understanding of history, politics, and culture come together during his lecture as well as his daily life. Each lecture is unique and tailored to the interests of the hosting group as well as current social and political issues. Gus is passionate, personable, and communicable. The lecture is always relent and touches many diverse audiences. The planning and preparation for hosting the lecture is a collaborative effort. Gus Garcia works with the hosting group to provide the best lecture. During the planning process Gus and his team ask about the mission of the hosting group/organization/movement and their focus; audience demographics; and more all to gain a better understanding of his purpose and what he can provide. In addition, he and his team establish credibility early on and information that is useful during advertisement. Gus and his team are frequently in contact providing support, helpful information, asking and answering questions, and assisting along the way – you are never alone in the planning.

I am truly blessed to have collaborated with student organizations at Oregon State University to bring Gus Garcia for his Latinization of America lecture. Gus is a pleasure and inspires many throughout his presence. I encourage you to get in contact with him and his team to share knowledge and encouragement."

Giselle Marmolejos, Rutgers University - 2010

"PASSION … This would be the perfect word to describe today’s lecture at Kean University by Agustin Gus Garcia … His motivation and creativity to create in our mind the reality of Latinization of America, showed us that we “Latinos” have to help each other to reach our goals. He pointed that “even thought we are divided by countries and islands, we are family; brothers and sisters for being son and daughters of the same country, but cousins because each country is united by the same language (SPANISH).” Staying together as Garcia said, we will make “Evolution, no Revolution” and once again we will say PRESENT as a big community to demand our rights.

Dedication, love and passion are the only things that we need to make dream come true. Today Gus Garcia made us realized that most of us are closed mind, showing us probes of how we neglect our own people (ARIZONA). If we don’t defend our people now, tomorrow there would be no one that would defend you (clearly highlights Garcia in his lecture). Be aware of what’s happening to our people, open you eyes because tomorrow can just be too late. Turning back to the beauty of being Latino from an European point of view, Garcia mentioned … ”Be proud of being Latino, because being Latino is a wonderful gift.”"