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Agustin Garcia, a renowned Human Right's Activist, Civil Right's Activist, International Businessman and Corruption Fighter. Garcia is a multifaceted individual with local and national affiliations and currently president of Garcorp International, a firm founded with several divisions; Domestic & International Public & Governmental Relations, Private Investigations & Security, Medical Security Consultants, Domestic and International business development, as well as Consultant of Political Campaigns Domestic and International.

Garcia has also served as the National Co-Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's Speaker's Trust, Executive Director / Consultant for the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party, and serves as consultant, director and management expert to numerous other companies. Garcia is also a Latin Media Expert and has on Garcorp's list of clients, the largest Latino owned radio media in the US (SBS). Garcorp also has various environmental groups in the US and has organized major Latino media and grassroots campaigns in the US plus consultant South Florida AFL-CIO.

Mr. Garcia currently holds the following political and/or organizational positions:

Founding Member and Legal & Governmental Affairs Director for the Democracy Movement as well as National Chairman of Lambda Theta Phi Foundation and Lambda Theta Phi Institute and Past National Chair of Solidaridad Inspiracion Amistad (Solidarity Inspiration and Friendship) COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.

He also is acknowledged as National Founding Father of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, the Largest and Oldest Latin Fraternity in the US established at Kean University, Union, New Jersey in 1975. Lambda Theta Phi presently has over 100 chapters around the nation.

He has organized over 150 political campaigns in the U.S. & Latin America:

Past Democratic State Senate Candidate for District 34 (1998) in Florida (lost by 301 votes of 65,000 against a three term Republican incumbent, Gore Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, member of Miami-Dade County campaign steering committee, also the Hispanic and Cuban-American steering committees for the past presidential campaign. Mr. Garcia was presently elected as a Delegate at large to the 2004 National Democratic Convention in Boston and named by Florida Democratic Party, Director of Cuban-American Outreach Victory 2004.

Mr. Garcia has been presented with the following honors: The Lifetime Achievement Award and Outstanding Alumnus Award From the National Board of Lambda Theta Phi, Outstanding Hispanic in Casino Law Enforcement from La Tribuna Newspaper, Mark Of Excellence Award from the State of Florida, Department of Professional & Business Regulation, Award for Outstanding Work In Reaching Out To All Communities And Activism In Defense of Human Rights from the Dade County Democratic Party, Citation of Merit from the Borough of the Bronx, Letter of Recognition from Senator Bob Graham, Award from the 11th Annual Southwest United States Student Conference on Latino Affairs, a Proclamation declaring Agustin "Gus" Garcia Day from the City of Miami, The Democracy Movement honored Mr. Garcia for his courageous defense of Freedom of Speech and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has been presented with the key to the City of Miami Beach.

Plaintiff in numerous Human and Civil Rights cases as follows:

The Dead Voter case in the Mayorial Elections in the City of Miami
The 2000 Presidential Ballot Recount in South Florida
The Civil Rights case with a Hispanic Homeless against the City of Miami
And numerous other national and international Civil Rights and Human Rights cases.

Dozens of college and university appearance as a nationally renowned Latino motivational speaker - Has spoken at the following Universities and Colleges:

Arizona State, College of New Jersey, Fresno State, Florida International University, Florida State University, Kean University, Montclair University, Penn State, Ramapo College, Rutgers University (New Burnswick), Southeast Nova University, Stockton State College, Texas A&M, University of Conn., University of Eastern New Mexico, University of Florida, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of North Texas, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of South Florida, University of South West Texas, University of New Mexico, etc., and dozens of High Schools, corporations and institutions.

Nationally recognized by the televised and printed media for his expertise in Latino Affairs, Latin America, Political Corruption, Immigration, Human/Civil Rights as well as the Latinization of the American Nation.

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Agustin Garcia



History and Political Science  



Since 1988

  • Domestic and International Pharmaceutical and Medical Security Consulting Gaming Industry consulting; Public Relations & Governmental Consulting for national and international corporations; National and international Political Campaign Consulting Division; National Consultant on Latin Media Division for national and international events promotion; Recently created a National & International Telecom Division 

Professional Timeline

  • April 2011-Present: National Political Consultant to Tequila Party 
  • April 2003-Present: Vice President for National Marketing Millennia Credit Card Services 
  • January-December 2010: Consultant to New Jersey State Democratic Party 
  • June 2007-2009: Consultant to SOUTH FLORIDA AFL-CIO 
  • May 2008-2009: Boriquin Clinics of Miami Administrator of Community Relations & Project Development 
  • January 2004-May 2008: Consultant to City of Sweetwater, Florida 
  • March-September 2006: Consultant to Florida Sate Democratic Party 
  • December 1998-January 2001: PL&P Associate Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Communications & Public Relations
  • June 1997-January 2000: Consultant to EQUITY MANAGEMENT PARTNERS Development of International markets with special emphases on Latin America & Caribbean and Domestic Latin Market 
  • May 1994-October 1998: MIAMI-DADE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY Executive Director/Consultant recruit and advise candidates, administer party business, office administration, media development, training of staff and spokesperson 
  • March 1993-June 1994: OFFICE OF DADE COUNTY COMMISSIONER Chief of Staff 
  • December 1988-March 1993: STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL REGULATION Investigation Specialist over and cover investigation of unlicensed medical activity and Medicare/ Medicaid fraud; Coordinated operations with Customs, F.B.I., Florida Department of Law Enforcement, State Attorney's Office and local Police Departments 
  • July 1987-December 1988: I.C.D.A. Miami, Florida
    Investigation Specialist. Specialization in Domestic and International security and investigation - included investigation of Criminal and Financial cases handled by attorneys 
  • September 1980-March 1987: STATE OF NEW JERSEY DIVISION OF GAMING - ENFORCEMENT AGENT. EMPLOYEE LICENSING SECTION REVOCATION AND EXCLUSIONS UNIT. Acquisition of Criminal Reports, Indictments, Court Records as to suspend or revoke present employee licenses, Investigation of co-defendants in a related case as well as Law Enforcement 


Background Investigation of Corporate Qualifiers and Officers, Domestic and International investigations of the financial stability of a corporation, Reviews of Ledgers, Accounts Receivable, and all Financial Documents 

Background Investigation of Casino employees, covering the following areas: Personal Identifying Data, Citizenship Data, Civil Suites, Criminal History, Investigatory Proceedings, Motor Vehicle Data, Financial Stability, Translation of Documents and Correspondence, and temporary assignments to Hilton and Sands, Corporation, Entity Investigations 


  • April 1977-September 1980: OFFICE OF ASSEMBLYMAN RAYMOND J. LESNIAK 21ST DISTRICT, Elizabeth, New Jersey Legislative Aide. Represented Assemblyman at functions, conducted public relations, services for citizens in district, conducted citizenship and voter drives, and informed the assembly on the issues and priorities of the Hispanic community in Elizabeth and Linden; Worked on the passage and approval of Casino Legislation 
    Kean University of New Jersey - Treasurer
    Administered the dispensing of funds to 38 funded groups, with a budget of $565,000.00 a year, and enforced the policies of the Finance Board of Student Government 
  • SPECIAL TRAINING AND COURSES: State of Florida Health Care Fraud Workshop; New Jersey & Florida Realtor Course; Training Course Certifying Investigations in all Medical Professions and Fields; IRS Investigative Course for Financial Investigation; FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office of New York - course on Asian Organized Crime; New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement - Course on Casino Games with additional courses, seminars, and training sessions on International Crime, Financial Crimes and International Gaming Rules 
  • SPECIAL SKILLS: Creation of Foundations - Development of Charitable Projects - Community Organization Programs - Lobbying - Problem Solving - Preparation of Materials - Goal Setting - Preparation of Publicity - Fluent in Spanish Communications - Development of Campaign & Voter Issue Approval - Skillful Petition Drive Expertise - Nationally & Internationally recognized Public 



  • June 2008-Present: South Florida Fundraising Chairman to U.S. Congressman Albio Sires 13th Congressional Dist. NJ 
  • January 2008-June 2008: National Co-Chair Latino Leadership Council to Hillary Clinton for President Campaign 
  • January 2006-Present: Finance Committee Member to U.S. Senator Robert Menendez New Jersey 
  • May 2003-Present: Director of International Affairs for the Democracy Movement 2000-2014: National Chairman of Lambda Theta Phi Foundation 
  • July 2005-September 2007: Trustee of Solidaridad Inspiracion Amistad Community Foundation, Inc. and First National Chair; Finance Committee Member (January 1992-2006) to U.S. Congressman Robert Menendez 
  • November 1998-August 2000: Florida Delegate to the National Democratic Convention DEMOCRATIC STATE SENATORIAL CANDIDATE 34TH DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF FLORIDA - State District Court due to election fraud against our campaign. Lost by 301 votes out of 65,000 cast in a district 56% Republican and 35 % Democrat. The Senator who was given the seat was indicted on 32 Federal counts and just finished serving five (5) years in jail. 
  • October 1997-January 2001: DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE National Co-Chairman Speaker's Trust 
  • 1994-1998: Coordinator of Lambda Theta Phi National Latin Fraternity Expansion Project As National Founding Father, mostly focused on Northeast and Southeast United States 
  • August 1992-October 1992: OPERATION MIAMI Coordinator for South Florida
    Directed and delivered three New Jersey National Guard planeloads of supply as well ten trailer trucks of relief supplies to victims of Hurricane Andrew. 

Numerous other positions held with several Federal, State, County and city officials in New Jersey. Served in both elected and appointed capacities; Have also appeared on television and radio interviews - national and international; Numerous debate panels on local and national media regarding social and political issues 


  • 2006: Award of Appreciation for presentation of Chivalry and Brotherhood seminar at the National Convention of Lambda Theta Phi in Austin Texas 
  • 2006: Award of Appreciation for presentation of Candidate Forum and Debate at the National Convention of Lambda Theta Phi in Austin Texas 
  • 2005: Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Board of Lambda Theta Phi for Service, Leadership, Commitment and Contributions to the Fraternity for over the past 30 years 
  • 2005: Award of Recognition and Appreciation for continued dedication and commitment to the Hispanic Community by HACE (Hispanic Association of College Employees) of Kean University, Union, New Jersey 
  • 2003: Award for Dedication and Service on the National Board of Lambda Theta Phi as Foundation Chair 
  • 2002: Honored by the Democracy Movement for courageous defense of Freedom of Speech and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
  • 1997: Proclamation Declaring Agustin "Gus" Garcia Day from the City of Miami 
  • 1997: Citation of Merit - President of the Borough of the Bronx 
  • 1997: Letter of Recognition Senator Bob Graham 
  • 1997: Miami-Dade County Democratic Party Award for Outstanding Work In Reaching Out To All Communities And Activism In Defense Of Human Rights 
  • 1992: Award of Recognition from The Democracy Movement 
  • 1992: Award of Appreciation from Lambda Theta Phi National Board 
  • 1991: Mark of Excellence Award - State of Florida, Department of Professional Regulation 
  • 1982: Outstanding Hispanic in Casino Law Enforcement - La Tribuna Newspaper 
  • 1982: Outstanding Young Man in America 
  • 1981: Outstanding Alumni Award from National Board of Lambda Theta Phi 
  • 1981: Award of Outstanding Merit for Contribution to the Cuban Exile Cause, Cuban Committee of Kean University 
  • 1980: Award of Merit - Student Government of Kean University
    1980: Award for Dedication for service during two years as President of Lambda Theta Phi, 
  • Alpha Chapter:
  • 1980: Outstanding Student Award from Miller High Life
  • 1979: Treasurer Award of Kean University Student Government
  • 1979: Medal of Honor - Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity
  • 1979: Perfect Attendance Award - Student Government of Kean University
  • 1979: Outstanding Delegate Award - Harvard Model United Nations, Boston 1978: Assistant Treasurer's Award of Kean University Student Government
  • 1978: Award of Merit - Puerto Rican Organization of Unity Through Development 
  • 1978: Award of Recognition from Lambda Theta Phi for Outstanding Contribution to Hispanic Community 
  • 1976: Award of Merit - Student Government of Kean University
  • 1972: Certificate of Merit from the Cuban Lions Club of Elizabeth, N.J. 
  • 1971: Diploma of Honor from Cuban Freemasons 


  • Has organized and taken part in four civil rights against Federal Government in which all four court challenges were successful on international human rights 
  • Numerous rescue missions in the Florida straits of Haitian boat people and Cuban rafters; Plaintiff in Miami case that unseated elected Mayor for voter fraud (dead voters) first time in U.S. history 
  • Involvement in internationally recognized case of Elian Gonzalez (First civil rights activist gassed morning of raid by INS raiders) 
  • Involvement in voting rights fight for Florida Presidential ballot in 2000 on behalf of Vice President Gore 


  • 2000: Board member to the City of Miami Community Relations Board 
  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management Washington, D.C.
  • Distinguished counsel to the body; reflect a substantial contribution in the Federal workforce. 

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